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Is this a Microsoft product?

No. Maester is an open-source, community led project and is not affiliated with Microsoft.

How do I report issues?

If you encounter an issue with Maester, please open an issue on GitHub.

Previously installed 'Pester' version '3.4.0' conflicts with new module

If you see the following error when installing Maester, it means that you have an older version of Pester installed.

A Microsoft-signed module named 'Pester' with version '3.4.0' that was previously installed conflicts with the new module 'Pester'

Run the following command to install the latest version of Pester and then retry installing Maester.

Install-Module Pester -Scope CurrentUser -SkipPublisherCheck -Force

To learn more or if you run into Pester installation issues see Pester Installation and Update