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Installation guide

  • Install the Maester PowerShell module, Pester, and the out of the box tests.
Install-Module Pester -SkipPublisherCheck -Force -Scope CurrentUser
Install-Module Maester -Scope CurrentUser

md maester-tests
cd maester-tests
  • Sign into your Microsoft 365 tenant and run the tests.

Optional modules and permissions

Maester includes optional CISA tests that require additional permissions and modules to run. These optional tests are skipped if the modules are not installed or there is no active connection.

Installing Azure and Exchange Online modules

Install-Module Az -Scope CurrentUser
Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement -Scope CurrentUser

The Security & Compliance PowerShell module is dependent on the ExchangeOnlineManagement Connect-IPPSSession cmdlet.

Connecting to Azure, Exchange and other services

In order to run all the CISA tests, you need to connect to the Azure, Exchange Online, and other modules.

Run the following command to interactively connect to the Azure, Exchange Online, and other modules. A sign in window will appear for each module.

Connect-Maester -Service All


Exchange Online implements a role-based access control model. The controls these cmdlets test, require minimum roles of either of the following:

  • View-Only Configuration OR
  • O365SupportViewConfig

Next Steps