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Updating your Maester tests

The Maester team will add new tests over time. To get the latest updates, use the commands below to update your GitHub repository with the latest tests.

Step 1: Change to the folder with your tests

Open a command prompt and navigate to the folder where you have your Maester tests.

cd maester-tests\tests

Step 2: Update the Maester module

Update the Maester PowerShell module to the latest version and load it.

Update-Module Maester -Force
Import-Module Maester

Step 3: Update the tests folder

You will be prompted to confirm changes to the tests folder.

  • All of your custom tests in the /Custom folder will be preserved.
  • The test files in the other folders including /EIDSCA, /Maester and /CISA will be overwritten with the latest tests.

If you are not seeing the latests tests, try closing and reopening your PowerShell session after completing Step 2 (Update-Module).